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Our mission is to create beautiful surroundings for all our customers using carefully sourced, highest quality fresh flowers. All our floral arrangements are designed to match season of the year and hand delivered by us to your business, home or commercial premises at reasonable and fair prices. We aim for excellence in all business dealings with our customers, employees and company upkeep.

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What do we offer?

For a small weekly or monthly investment, you will receive luxurious, seasonal, carefully crafted floral arrangements. Season colours will bring your space to life and create vibrant ambience.

Why Contract Flowers?

We say, – why try and find the time to worry about your decor needs when you have a business to run. Leave it all to us, we will ensure your space is blooming with the latest trends and is always season ready.

How do I start?

Simply complete the contact form below or email us to or call us on 0333 5330 015 and we will deliver your first beautiful flower arrangement right away!

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