How does it work?

After a free one week’s trial, we will contact you to ask if you would like to continue receiving our beautiful seasonal floral arrangements. You will have two options to choose from, – Fortnightly or Monthly Service. If none of the options suits you we will be more than happy to tailor your décor needs to your particular requirements.  We will then deliver your seasonal floral arrangements at your chosen frequency during your opening hours and collect the old ones. There are no delivery or collection charges.

What is Fortnightly Service?

Your floral arrangements delivered every other week and swapped for the new ones

What is Monthly Service?

Your floral arrangements delivered once a month and swapped for the new ones.

What are the actual sizes of the floral arrangements?

Small size floral arrangements are around 7-10 inches tall including the vase. Medium size floral arrangements are around 12-20 inches tall including the vase. Large size floral arrangements are around 25 – 50 inches tall including the vase.

What sort of floral arrangements will I receive?

All our floral arrangements created from carefully sourced, highest quality, artificial, life like, silk flowers. They look so realistic, unless you touch and smell them you would never guess they are artificial. So, no water changing, replacing or worrying about poor presentation. Our flowers will always look exquisite and we will design new floral arrangements to match the season of the year we are in.

How do I pay you?

We will invoice you monthly in advance, usually around 1st of every month. All payments to reach us by 15th of every month. Payments to be made via bank transfer. If you decide to cancel and still have credit with us, monies due will be refunded to your bank account.

What happens if I accidentally break the floral arrangement?

We ask you to take care of our floral arrangements, but we do understand that accidents happens. Please let us know as soon as possible, so we can replace the broken floral arrangement with a new one. Please keep the broken one in the safe place as we will collect it for recycling. Unfortunately, if we are unable to collect the broken floral arrangement you may be charged for it, floral arrangements costs vary between £100 – £600 depending on the size and flowers used.

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